CLN For IP-based Accounts


You can download CloudLinux REST API documentation.


Once you have a CLN account created, contact our billing team to assist you with the account type conversion. This can be done by clicking the Contact Support link at the footer of this page.

IP Licenses Management

IP license allows to register server only by it's IP (without a need to create a key and use it during registration). IP Licenses page allows resellers to add and remove IP licenses using automated tools via API.

Click required product at the top menu and then IP Licenses at the left sidebar.

The table contains the following information:

  • IP — an IP address of the activated server
  • Hostname — a hostname of the server
  • Added —  a date when a server with this IP was activated
  • Last check-in — the date of the last successful server check-in
  • Type —  license type for this server
  • Actions


The following actions are available:

  • Add IP to this license. Click Add IP button. In the opened popup specify IP and product type (for Imunify360 licenses only) and click Add IP to complete the action or Cancel to close the popup.

  • Remove IP from using this license. Tick IP(s) and click Bin icon in the IP line or above the table for bulk action.

  • Filter servers list by IP and product type. Click IP and select an IP, or click Product Type and select a product.

  • Search in the list by a specific query. Type a search query in the search field to show specific servers.

  • Activate backup. Click . In the opened popup specify backup size and datacenter and click Create to complete the action or Cancel to close the popup.

  • Manage backup. Click . In the opened popup click Go to the backup management to go to backup management system interface (opens in a new tab) or click Cancel to close the popup.

Converting your account to CloudLinux OS Plus type

You can find the process description here

Deposit Top Up

Navigate to Billing → Balance and Top Up.

To add funds via your PayPal account, click Proceed to Checkout. You will be redirected to PayPall checkout page. Fill in Price per item and click Continue, then proceed with PayPal.

If a reseller adds the Payment method, he will be able to "top up" the deposit.


Navigate to Billing → Payment Methods → Autopayment.

The following autopayment types are available:

  • Auto add funds — when balance is below $100 it is replenished to the specified amount
  • Auto repay (default option) — once your balance becomes negative, your card will be automatically charged. Minimal charge is $20
  • Do not add funds automatically

When you have selected and configured autopayment type, click Save.


Go to Billing → Invoices. There is a table with all invoices and appropriate information.

The table contains the following columns:

  • Invoice id — unique invoice number
  • Created — the date when invoice was created
  • Type —  payment type
    • Payment received — invoice is already payed
    • Refund — you have a debt on your account. Please pay the invoice.
    • Invoice —  invoice is issued. Please pay the invoice.
  • Pay period — invoice period
  • Total — the total amount of money you have to pay
  • Balance — amount of money on your account
  • Actions
    • — open invoice in a popup (you can download it)
    • — open invoice in a new tab (you can download it)

Click near invoice id to show detailed bill information:

  • Title — license name
  • Quantity — licenses quantity
  • SubTotal — the price for that number of licenses