CloudLinux Backup

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CloudLinux Backup

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Available only if CLoudLinux Backup is purchased and activated.

Click CL Backup in the main header menu to go to CloudLinux Backup page. Here you can see a table with all your backups for CloudLinux products.




The table includes  the following columns:


Server name — a name of the server with backup

Server IP —  displays the IP of the server with backup

Region —  server location

Used, GB — backup space used in GB

Total, GB — total backup space in GB


oEdit —  click to manage the backup. In the opened popup click Go to the backup management, the backup management application opens in a new tab

oResize — click to change the backup space. In the opened popup add or remove the Gbs and click Resize to apply or Cancel to close the popup.

oDeactivate — click to remove the backup. Note that after deactivation backup files cannot be restored. In the opened popup confirm the action by clicking Remove or click Cancel to close the popup.

oRelink —  for a backup not associated with a server. Click to connect a backup to a specific server. Confirm the action in the popup or click Cancel to close the popup.