IP Licenses Management

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IP Licenses Management

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IP license allows to register server only by it's IP (without a need to create a key and use it during registration).

IP Licenses page allows resellers to add and remove IP licenses.

Click required product at the top menu and then IP Licenses at the left sidebar.



The table contains the following information:


IP — an IP address of the activated server

Hostname — a hostname of the server

Added —  a date when a server with this IP was activated

Last check-in — the date of the last successful server check-in

Type —  license type for this server



The following actions are available:


Filter servers list by IP and product type. Click IP and select an IP, or click Product Type and select a product.

Search in the list by a specific query. Type a search query in the search field to show specific servers.

Remove IP from using this license. Tick IP(s) and click Bin icon in the IP line or above the table for bulk action.

Add IP to this license. Click Add IP button. On the opened pop-up specify IP and product type (for Imunify360 licenses only) and click Add IP to complete the action or Cancel to close the pop-up.

Activate backup. Click CLNActivateBackup. On the opened pop-up specify backup size and datacenter and click Create to complete the action or Cancel to close the pop-up.


Manage backup. Click CLNManageBackup. On the opened pop-up click Go to the backup management to go to backup management system interface (opens in a new tab) or click Cancel to close the pop-up.