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Click Dashboard → Servers to go to All Servers page. A list of all servers with activated products belonged to this account is available.




The table includes all servers that have been activated in all products within the account. The table contains the following columns:


Server name — server hostname;

IP — server IP address;

Installed products — shows a logo of a product activated on a server.

Click a server name to show server details:

Product and activation key used to register that server

Registered — a date when a server was activated. A server sends this information to CLN

Last check-in — the last date when a server successfully responded to check-in

Effective Kernel — displays the version of kernel used (only for KernelCare). Click the version to go to

Change License Type —  allows to change the type of the Imunify360 license (only for Imunify360). Click Change License Type to open change popup specify a new license type. Confirm the action by clicking Change or click Cancel to close the popup.
Please note that when you have changed the server license successfully, you need to get a new activation key and activate Imunify360 on the server using CLI command (register). Otherwise, Imunify360 will not be registered and activated, and will not work on the server.



The following actions are available:


Filter by product — click Product button and select one or more products;

Filter by date of registration — click Registered date to display a calendar where you can pick a date or a period to filter by.

Filter by any search query — type a query. A search is performed in Server name and Activation key entities.

Buy server license — click Buy Server Licenses button, you will be redirected to the Purchase page.