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Check-in — is an event when the server with the installed product pings CLN and sends the information about its availability and state.

Default Activation Key — it is a general activation key displayed all over CLN interface for quick access to it.

IP Range — it is a range of IP addresses that are allowed for a particular activation key. Servers with IPs that are not in the range will not be activated with this activation key.

Server License — this is a product license that allows to activate it on the servers. For example, 3 server license means it is possible to active one copy of product on one server.

Server Limits — a number of servers that can be registered with a particular key.

License Type — a type of server license that is used in Imunify360 and determines a limit of  server users. Among other products, Imunify360 has different types of server licenses:

oSingle User — good for servers with only one user in the system;

oUp to 30 users — good for servers with users quantity less than 30 or equal;

oUp to 250 users — good for servers with users quantity less than 250 or equal;

oUnlimited — good for servers with users quantity more than 250.

User —  a registered user on the installed server:

oFor cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin hosting panels it calculates the number of users in it, excluding system users.

oFor standalone installation, it calculates users with UID equal or more than 500 in CentOS 6 and UID equal or more than 1000 in CentOS 7.